• B-Cards©
    Structured and thorough research into, and identification of, complex company relationships and dependencies.
  • SeeMap® or TOPMapTM
    Analysis and synthesis of processes and communication channels. Assessment in terms of quality, relevance, and effect on achievement of company goals.
    Process and structural design, implementation support.
  • Diagonal Matrix
    Detailed investigation of the current situation and development of the desired concept business processes and the necessary information flow.
    In and
    Vision Design for Information workshops,  Seemap and Diagonalmatrix should be used.
  • GAMMA®
    A PC tool for networked thinking systematically supports networked thinking as a management tool. It permits, either single or in a team, the portrayal and analysis of complex relationships and simplifies communication of success potential thus facilitating constructive measures.

    GAMMA® is a product of UNICON Management Systems GmbH
    TOPMapTM by Digital Equipment
    B-Cards© and SeeMap® from Wild Water, distributed in Germany by a Member of the Vision Design Group


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