• Banking

     Business Process Optimization in conjunction with CRM
  • Chemical Industry

    Quality management concepts and preparation for ISO 9000 certification

    Manufacturing business process optimization

    Management coaching on IT subjects
  • Services Sector

    Consultancy on planned buy-ins or takeovers

    Business process redesign, support for change process implementation and introduction of team concepts including co-development of concept and employee training

    Project implementation teamwork

    IT concept development

    Cost/Benefit concepts and viability analysis for SAP R/3 implementation

    Project team coaching during delivery

    Co-operative partner in an internal management consulting daughter company of a large enterprise
  • Manufacturing Industry

    Business process optimization for SAP or Baan implementation

    Teamwork in manufacturing
    training and coaching of teams and management

    IT concept viability analysis for IT concepts (SAP R/3, outsourcing, business process optimization)

    IT strategy and concept development

    Just-in-Time and World-Class manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Industry

    Selection, implementation and commissioning of a complex CIM solution

    Just-in-Time and World-Class manufacturing

    Strategic concepts for a solutions provider in the MES sector

    Automation concepts
  • Aerospace

    Business process analysis and optimization

    IT concept development
  • Governmental

    Viability evaluation and risk analysis of process optimization concept

    Evaluation and support of economic viability of investments
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    Business process optimization and development of IT concept including business analyses and risk evaluation
  • Telecommunications

    Transfer of marketing concepts to IT strategies
  • Utilty Services

    Requirement analysis for Customer Relationship Management System

Confidentiality is one of our basic principles. Please accept , therefore, our apologies for not naming names or companies. If you have further interest we will gladly establish contact with the relevant persons assuming we receive their permission to do so.


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