Vision design for Projects

Concept Development for Solution of Complex Problems

Fast-changing company environments often lead to a general conclusion that the current situation is not as it should be. The discrepancy between the current situation and stated goals is often problematical since it is difficult to recognize those dependencies (and their effects on complex processes) which will have to be changed to reach the afore-mentioned goals. Solution of this problem is made more difficult since people do not respond to the same goal proposals in the same way. It is therefore unavoidable that all those involved are presented with clear, objective and identical descriptions of the current situation, goals and dependencies and factors influencing these.

The Vision design Group runs workshops according to a proven, homogeneous problem solution methodology. These workshops offer the following results:

  • Goal-setting
  • Modeling of the problem situation
  • Analysis of solution processes
  • Collection and interpretation of change possibilities in the situation
  • Explanation of control possibilities
  • Planning of strategies and measures
  • An action plan for implementation of the problem solution

A workshop runs for between two and three days. To be able to better visualize complex thematics, we recommend the use in the workshop of the GAMMA PC tool for generic modeling and management of complex systems, from UNICON Management-Systeme GmbH. Between 8 and 15 participants normally take part in such a workshop. It is important to involve employees responsible for change, the so-called key players in this workshop. Results are worked out, presented and consolidated by groups. Responsibilities for measures taken to achieve stated goals, as well as completion dates, are assigned during the workshop and all participants receive documentation on the results.

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