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The Challenge

The complete organizational system, with all of its social and technical components is facing a collapse due to complexity.
Ways out are sought in ever more refined analyses, usually making the situation even worse since employees become demotivated by the length of the analyses and the harping on weak points. This typical backwards-oriented approach isn
t only a burden, it bars the way to a vision of a better future.

The Solution

The way out of this dilemma is offered by change and involvement processes which

  • include key personnel, customers, suppliers and adversaries
  • stress synthesis and not analytical methods
  • are strongly consensus-oriented and quick to implement
  • develop powerful perspectives and dont try to justify the past
  • are results-oriented and of a binding nature
  • generate easy-to-communicate results visually
The Know-how

Weve helped over 60 organizations in Europe to restructure themselves since 1994. Our customers appreciate how quickly we operate, particularly our direct approach to the resistance normally encountered from those affected.
By immediately involving these people we reduce their fears step-by-step, lead them to discover their own solutions and discreetly retire when we see that they again face the future confidently.

The Benefits

With the help of our experienced consultants and our specially- developed involvement processes, supported by visual aids, you and your company will come to consensus-based decisions in days not months. Well help implement the decisions youve taken onsite. We dont lose our overall perspective, our activities remain customer- focussed and well quickly turn thoughts into deeds. You can forget the costly analyses.


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